Monday, September 26, 2011

Coffee Shops Brew Up My Creativity


Due to lack of much free time, I have been unable to supply a new post on my blog.

Freelance projects along with a tune up of my previously hacked website have been occupying a good chunk of my time lately.

Portfolio Page Update!

For this post I have just one recommendation to any readers that work from home. If working on a laptop is an option I strongly recommend doing some work at a very chill coffee shop, or venue very similar.
As I am typing this I am chillin' at this nice coffee shop located downtown named RedEye.
I know for myself, when I get discouraged or distracted taking my work to a new location will help me stay focused and crank out a few hours of work.

So even if you dislike coffee, like myself, I strongly suggested taking a work day outside of your norm.

Just don't bring your desktop with you. =P

Till next time!