Monday, February 13, 2012

Motivating Monday Week 10


It is great to get back to the whole blogging thing. If you didn't know I got caught with a very bad cough and some computer failures.

Luckily my health and technology is all back up running at full speed once again...just in time to figure out my tax return for 2011.

Dealing with tax returns can be a big deal, especially if you are self employed like myself.
For this week's post I found a few links that can help out freelancers in getting on the right track with filling out their tax return information.
Regardless if you are a first time freelancer, or a veteran that has been going strong for years. I believe you can find some good information to help you out.
Tax Tips for a Part-Time Photographer
This is a great post, that not only is good for Photographers, but any artist in general.

Tax Write-Off for Unpaid Work

Tax Deductions that Freelancers can Take

The next two links can be found over at the site Freelance Switch.
The first link will take you to a discussion on information regarding the need to write off taxes on work that you have not been paid for yet.

The second link is a great post on 10 things that freelancers have the right to write off on their taxes.

The tax season can be a crazy mess!
Try not to get too stress out and just look forward to what will hopefully be a nice check from the Government. =)

Till next time....


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