Monday, February 25, 2013

Motivating Monday Week 36

Life Without VFX

Something very important happened at the Oscars this past Sunday. Nothing may have seemed out of the normal at first when Life of Pi received the award for best Visual Effects in a film, but a quick check up on Twitter begged to differ. 

The VFX team that took the stage Sunday night attempted to shed some light on the fact that those special effects artist that make your films so amazing are under paid and under respected.
This attempt was abruptly cut off, but that did not stop people from noticing. 

Many sites around the web are posting story after story supporting visual effects artist that are being taken for granted.

One blog post I found insightful can be found here: 

This post includes the video of the Oscars as well as some tweets from artists and fans alike.

Also be sure to check out Facebook...if you have a lot of artist fans then you may see a lot of this:

Lets hope this brings some respect to the "starving artist"


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