Saturday, March 2, 2013

Self-Employed Saturday #1 (Finding Work Part 1)

Finding Work Part 1

Hello everyone, and welcome to my new monthly blog post titled Self Employed Saturday. Once a month I plan to post some insight from the inside of being your own business  You can expect to find topics related to branding, finding work, inspiration, and much more. I plan to also reach out to other independent workers and get some of their insight on here as well.
If everything goes smoothly I plan to have these post up on the 1st Saturday of each month. Please bare with me if I do get a week happens. =)

So lets get this thing rolling with our topic for the month of March

Finding Work Part 1: Online

One of most common questions that pop up while in conversation with others is "How do I manage to find enough work to be a full time freelancer?"
Truth be told if you just look out across the horizon many potential clients are all around you. You just have to put a bit of work into getting them.
The most obvious avenue to plug into is the world wide web. Their is an endless supply of people looking for a video, poster, album cover, voice over, etc.....but where do you start looking? The internet is full of so many job boards, freelance blogs, and help wanted do you know which service is correct for you?
To make your job easier I have compiled a list of sites that I generally use. Some of these I have been successful in getting jobs out of...others I haven't.  Just because I did not get any jobs out of certain sites, it doesn't mean that you can't.
Lets get started...

It is insane just how many job boards are out there! These boards can range from full time to seasonal, from design work to pluming. With this wide range of do you know which job boards deserve your valuable time?
I narrowed down a few boards I have poked around with in the past and I found them great for freelancers.

Simply Hired
Simply Hired reminds me of Craigslist without all the spam. You simply type in a keyword at the top of the page i.e. video production, writing, SEO, etc.. followed by a location, and then hit the search button. Simply Hired then gives you a list of anything similar to what you are looking for. Did you find there to be too many job postings? Simply do an advanced search to find that dream job you are looking for.

Linkedin Jobs
Linkedin Jobs works very similar to Simply Hired. The nice thing about finding jobs on Linkedin is typically if you are already out in the freelance world then you have a Linkedin profile. If you don't have a Linkedin profile yet, then you should stop reading this blog right now and go sign up! Linkedin is very important when it comes to finding jobs. The job search doesn't stop after searching through the list in the jobs tab...deep inside Linkedin exist forums for just about any career choice. Inside these boards can be potential clients as well. Just being engaged with other freelancers can point your towards more work.

Job Bidding Sites
Would you rather compete to get a job? A lot of the time customers want to have a wide selection of freelancers to chose from, and they want to see just how much you want the job.
If you take a look at website you may only see artist and not actual jobs. This is because only give out job leads to their fellow employees. Don't worry though...signing up to become a creator is simple and free. Once you are signed up with a set skill set the team over at will email you any jobs you may be interested in. If it is something you like you just submit a proposal and then hope that you get the gig. The team will communicate with you throughout the whole project, so if any issues with the client arises they will have your back.

Take everything you would expect out of a job bidding website and put it in one place...and you get Elance. From a huge variety of job listings, a timer tracker, customizable profiles, and much more Elance offers a lot. Bidding is very simple, first begin looking for a job that fits your skill set. Once you find some that interest you, post a quick blip about why you our qualified for the gig, add a proposal if you feel comfortable, and then submit away. Elance also requires you to add a token for each job you bid on. Free customers our limited to a select amount of these tokens. I really like this, because then you don't have people spamming every single job unless they can put their money where their mouth is.

I only scratched the surface of what is out there for anyone looking for freelance work.  Next month I will touch on using social media to find potential clients...including the behemoth known as Facebook.

Till next time....


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