Thursday, July 26, 2012

Batman: Arkham City (WiiU) Impressions.

I did not get the chance to take control of Batman in the port to the amazing game that first launched last year for other current gen consoles.

With that said...I did get some honest feedback from people who did experience Arkham through the tablet as we as the chance to watch a play through of the demo. (You can check out some of the gameplay yourself by clicking the link above.)

From what I could tell the game looked identical to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 counterparts. This is a very good thing, since Arkham City is a gorgeous looking game. 
What does this version do that is different though?

The big thing is the fact that the tablet now allows as control of gadgets and your menu. The tablet also gives you control of the new Battle Armored Tech (B.A.T.) which is an upgrade of the normal armor for Batman and Catwoman.
The WiiU version has the subname "Armored Edition" I was not given much information on what all will be included in this version to make it stand out other than the new tablet features and added DLC.
I feel like this version may suffer from finding an audience with so many people already diving into the experience this past year. Without enough new features there may not be enough incenteve for Arkham vets to jump back into the city. 
I am interested to see if the legacy of Nintendo fans that missed Batman's adventure last year will be enough for this game to gain high sales.



  1. I must have been one of very few people who found Arkham City on the PS3 a little boring.

    This may have been partially my fault. I started the game on Hard difficulty which meant I lost a lot of lives and saw the same cut scenes of the The Penguin, Joker, the girl all looming over me taunting me.
    It got pretty same-y pretty quickly for me.

    Can't imagine given how old this game is and how many people have already played it that it will see extraordinarily well...yet people love the bat man right now so I guess we'll see

    Assassins Creed and Mario has to be the two biggest draws when it comes to buying a Wii U for me.

    1. Thanks for the comment Adam.

      I could deferentially see how playing on Hard could of made the game very repetitive. I havent finished the game but I played a large amount on the normal difficulty and even died a lot my self and got annoyed at times for sure.

      I am really looking forward to what Nintendo has planned next for 3D Mario. =)