Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wii Fit U Impressions

On July 19th I got to try out some of the games coming very soon for the WiiU system.

The first game I got to put not just my hand on, but my whole body was Wii Fit U.

I got the chance to try out two of the new mini games that will be on the final release later this year: bob sledding and paddle boat.
Click here for a Bob Sled Video

Both games were very fun to play, espically with people around comentating. Both mini games also made me feel like I was working out, more so the bob sledding...I could really feel it working my hidden six pack.
Click here for a Paddle Boat Video

The issue I could see with Wii Fit U judging from the demo is it is just Wii Fit Plus Plus. The demo did not do much to utilies the tablet. You could chose workouts on the tablet, as well as have an extra camera that featured extra shots of what was going on. I am really hoping that the final game will have much more acnoligment of the tablet...and I am sure it will.

One thing you may also notice about this game as well as all other WiiU games is they look great! The Mii characters really cant go much farther in terms of depth, but you will notice right a way how much clearer everything becomes in HD.

I am extremely happy to see Nintendo catching up to the HD world!


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