Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hello blog space!

Just laying down an update for the week in the life of Travis.

Last week I was lucky enough to pick up a 3DS with the price drop AND the free 20 downloadable games! =) (Thank you Wal-mart for not following the rules.)

I have to say it is a very nice piece of technology, I just wish there was more of a software selection out there for it.

I also shot my first legit wedding on Saturday night. I am happy to report that it went extremely well. Everything went smoothly and I may have possible job leads from the company I worked with in the future.

Till next time...keep it chill.


Current projects: "Sleepy Head Strikes Back" Sleepy Head Website
I recently finished up a project for a product called Sleepy Head, but it looks like they have some requested changes, so it is back to work on the sheep.

Currently Listening to: Zelda Dubstep!!!

Go check out this awesome combination of Zelda music mixed the dubstep way. Too Good!


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