Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm the FLINT of this MICHIGAN

Hello blog readers!

I just recently got back from a weekend in Michigan with mi lady.

I got to catch up with a fellow friend from school, as well as check out the riveting Flint area....

It is crazy how that place used to have a huge work force, but is now surrounded by empty factories and boarded up houses.

Also on our trip back we made a pit stop at Michigan dunes. (I personally have never been there before)

Definitely a cool place, sadly our visit was very limited by the weather.

That is all I have to post for today. I hope everyone has an awesome week, and in-till next time...


Current Projects: Slowly organizing all my files, and preparing my website for an update. I am also still filling my brain with knowledge about C4D.

Currently reading:  Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. I have not dove too far into this book yet, but what I have read I have fully enjoyed. It is very interesting to see how much C.S. Lewis opinions and facts about religion and his way of life can still be relevent in today's world.

Currently gaming: Nothing specific, though I am really tempted to pick up a 3DS if I can manage to get the price drop aaaaannnndd the free 20 games offered to "early" adopters.
More info: 3DS price drop and free games!

Currently watching: Starting watching some Invader Zim, I forgot how good the series is!

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