Monday, December 5, 2011

Motivating Monday: Week 1

Hey everybody!

I know for a lot of us Mondays can be brutal. Getting back into the swing of things can be a chore, especially after an awesome weekend. Therefore I am dedicating my Monday blog post to things that inspire me, and what I believe will inspire you too.
I will try to vary my post every week with not just sweet videos and design work, but also articles that motivates you with a want to do awesome things.
Of course life happens, and sometimes I just cannot post. If I know that is going to happen ahead of time I will try to give a heads up. That way you are not stopping by my blog and disappointed by the lack of motivation on my site.

So lets get cracking on this thing!

For this week I dove into my list of Vimeo favorites from the past to dig out some great videos.


This is a very nice piece created by user Thr-ve. Overall it is very simple in design, but gets the meaning it is trying to convey across very well with smooth animation and transitions. I have seen a lot of motion graphics pieces for churches that feel very "rushed" This is not one of them.

Fruit Snacks

This 15 second spot for fruit snacks is a pleasure to watch. It was created by the company Buck, and features some great animation and silly audio.

That is all for today. Please make sure to check back the rest of week for more from the structures of my cranium.


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