Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Totally Tuesday: Week 1

Hey everybody!
I hope you are having a great start to the week. 
To keep up with making each day a general theme, I have dedicated my Tuesday and Thursday blog posts to be interlinked with each other. 
For both days I will provided a two part post on a specific topic.
What kind of topics can you expect to see here?
Normally I will be posting comentary of my own on some kind of happening in my life.
Most comonly I will provide behind the scenes data of projects I have worked on and give out some details on what helps get my creative gears turning.
This week I am looking back on a project that took a lot of work, a lot help, and a lot of passion. The project I am speaking up if is the music video I worked on in conjunction with Josh Johns.
Check out Matt’s music here: http://www.mattmccoymusic.com/
At the begening of 2011 Matt Mccoy came to Josh wanting to create a music video for his single “Be the Difference.” Josh aggreed and then convinced me to jump on board the project, of course not knowing it would become what it is now. 
After the agreement to create this video, we set out to prepare for this massive project. Plenty of story-boarding, script writing, and location scouting happen. Most of which took place at the local Culver’s restaurant. We knew for sure that we wanted to incorporate both a narrative and shots of the band performing. 
Drop back by Thursday as I continue this tale…

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